What is Electrology?

A Treatment as Individual as You

When it comes to hair removal, there is no better solution than Electrolysis. A treatment that is as individual as you. Electrolysis is the only option for permanent hair removal; your Electrologist will work with you every step of the way to customize your treatment to ensure that you attain your desired look. Now, with Electrolysis, all the experience and personal attention you need to address your unwanted hair concerns are available using the most trusted hair removal method available. Learn more about getting the smooth, beautiful look you want today!

If you’re like most men and women, you enjoy feeling confident and looking your best. When you feel good about your appearance, life is more exhilarating. Hair and skin care is especially important to maintaining a youthful, fresh look. For some individuals, permanent hair removal helps keep them looking sleek and sophisticated. No feeling can compare to loving the way you look!


The solution you have been looking for is Electrolysis. It is more than you think. Advances in technology and treatment protocols have enhanced the overall experience. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method that can help you attain and maintain a beautiful, smooth, hair-free look. It’s a comfortable, affordable way to refresh your image, boost your self-confidence and enrich your enjoyment of life.

Unlike other hair removal methods, professionally performed Electrolysis eliminates all unwanted hair – permanently – with unsurpassed results. Moreover, it does so for all skin and hair types. No other hair removal method can claim such universal acceptability and success. And the good news is getting better: Electrolysis is constantly advancing with more treatment options and ever-evolving technology. In fact, the American Electrology Association(AEA) has established specific standards for the profession, including a national board certification credential –Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE). This designation requires ongoing continuing education to maintain board certification. Each member of the AEA adheres to the stringent standards set and maintained by the organization to provide you with the very best in professional hair removal.

Feeling Beautiful All Over

There are various reasons why individuals remove facial and body hair. Some are concerned with health-related issues; others seek enhanced beauty – they simply love feeling beautiful all over. No matter what your motivation, keep in mind that extensive use of temporary hair removal methods can contribute to increased hair growth. The ideal solution for permanent hair removal is Electrolysis. Some individuals may feel uncomfortable speaking openly about their hair issues. If you are one of these people – you are not alone. You may be surprised to learn how many men and women just like you are dealing with excessive hair due to: heredity factors, medications, hrmonal changes or imbalances, excessive use of temporary hair removal methods and stress.

People of all ages and in all walks of life are enjoying permanent smooth, hair-free skin – a benefit that only Electrolysis can offer. And the results are more than skin-deep. This refreshing new look works wonders for their confidence and self-esteem. No other solution can claim such universal acceptability. Temporary hair removal methods such as waxing, depilatories and threading can actually increase hair growth. For permanent hair removal, Electrolysis is the only choice. It works almost anywhere on the body – face, legs, under-arms, breasts, abdomen, back and bikini line. And it’s effective on light or dark hair, as well as all skin tones.

Why not let Electrolysis work its wonders for you.