Welcome to The Maryland Association of Professional Electrologists, Inc. (MAPE) website.  Electrolysis is for you. Whether you are a man or woman, youthful or more mature, your electrologist will work with you to provide a treatment plan specific to your individual needs.  With today’s computerized electrolysis equipment, the benefits  of electrolysis are often life changing. Decide today to begin your own transformation by contacting an electrologist  who will perform the ONLY method of permanent hair removal that is recognized by the Food and Drug and Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA). 

 To practice Electrology in Maryland, one must be licensed by the Maryland Board of Nursing, Electrology Practice Committee and must meet state continuing education requirements for license renewal.  Licensed Electrologists  in Maryland are committed to providing quality care, comprehensive client information and support to meet their clients’ needs.  Infection Prevention Standards and Standard Precautions, which are recognized by all medical/health professionals are practiced and observed by all Licensed Electrologists in Maryland.