About Us

The Maryland Association of Professional Electrologists, Inc. (MAPE) is committed to providing continuing education and professional support to Maryland Licensed Electrologists.  MAPE provides Electrologists with a venue for maintaining and exceeding a standard of professional excellence, affords opportunities to its members for continued growth, and facilitates networking opportunities with  colleagues, health professionals as well as the general public.

Our members have been instrumental over the years in conceiving and assisting in the development of national standards for both Infection Prevention and Office Practice Standards for all Electrologists.  MAPE was founded in 1973 and has been an affiliate of the American Electrology Association, Inc. (AEA) since 1975.  Members are licensed by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, State Board of Nursing and under advisement from the Electrology Practice Committee.   Licensure for Electrologists was first granted in the State of Maryland in 1949.

All members listed in the Members page of this website are considered current and active members of the Maryland Association of Professional Electrologists, Inc.